A buying guide for RC helicopter buyers: Factors when buying an RC helicopter

If you are planning to get into the hobby of flying an RC helicopter, then you will first need to buy an RC helicopter. As a first time buyer for an RC helicopter, you will need a guide to help you make your purchase. Through this buying guide, you will hopefully be able to get your RC helicopter model that is suited for your preferences and needs. Read through this guide to understand the different factors you need to consider when buying your very first RC helicopter model.


Different types of RC helicopters will cost different amounts of money, have different features, and vary in a lot of ways. Each different type of RC helicopter will suit the needs of different people. So if you are looking for a specific type of RC helicopter, then you will need to search for it carefully. And if you do not know what to look for when buying an RC helicopter, you have come to the right place. Through this article, you will know exactly what to look for when you are buying an RC helicopter for yourself. This buying guide is not only useful for RC helicopter newcomers, even those who have had already bought an RC helicopter can find this guide useful. If you already own an RC helicopter but want to buy another one, this guide can help you to choose a new RC helicopter. Read through this buying guide and learn what kind of factors to consider when buying your RC helicopter.

The different factors you need to think about when buying an RC helicopter:

1. Cost of helicopter
You have to have a budget when you buy an RC helicopter. Make sure that you do not go over your budget; after all, you do not want to get ripped off. But you should also consider not being too miserly with your money; you have to be willing to spend a certain amount to buy a good quality RC helicopter. Stay away from RC helicopters that are too cheap; they may not be very durable, and they will not have the features of what makes flying RC helicopters, fun. You should find a sweet spot of cost and features, a good way to do this is to read reviews online to get a sense of which RC helicopter models are worth buying at the moment.

2. Type of RC helicopter
You should also pick a type of RC helicopter model that will suit your preferences. Certain types of RC helicopters, such as toy ones, will be perfect for indoor use. While other types of RC helicopters, such as multiple bladed helicopter models, will have more features and maneuverability. The costs of each model of RC helicopter will also change, so be sure to pick out the right kind of model.

3. Power source of the helicopter
You should also check what kind of power an RC helicopter runs on. Certain kinds of RC helicopters have an internal combustion engine, so you will need some fuel or gas to power that up. Most, however, will run on electricity. You have to check whether or not an RC helicopter comes with one use batteries or rechargeable ones. Certain kinds of RC helicopters can be really power hungry, and they will drain regular batteries fast. And constantly changing batteries can get costly, you will want to stick with batteries that can be recharged, so you do not have to keep switching them out.

4. Additional parts and accessories
RC helicopters will often have to be repaired or maintained. If that is the case with your RC helicopter, you will want to get a model that can be easily repaired and that has spare parts readily available. You will also want to get an RC helicopter that offers a lot of accessory attachments. You can get more enjoyment out of your RC helicopter if you choose to use accessory attachments. Accessories can add new features such as lights, sounds and even toy weapons!

5. Constructed or needs assembly
Some types of RC helicopters have to be assembled when you take them out of the box. While others are a bit more easy to construct, because they already come pre-assembled in the box. If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to construct it, you can just buy a pre-assembled RC helicopter. Getting a pre-assembled helicopter also makes it an instant thing if you want to immediately use and enjoy your RC helicopter.

6. Store location
Where you buy your RC helicopter will also be important. There are numerous places you can buy RC helicopters, such as physical or online stores. Be sure that the store you buy from will offer warranty and service repairs for your RC helicopter. You should also consider the costs of buying from a certain store. A great place to buy RC helicopters is an online store. Through an online store, you will be able to get more kinds of RC helicopters at a better deal.


Even if you are not buying an RC helicopter for yourself, and you are buying an RC helicopter as a gift, you can still find this guide quite useful. Through this guide, and if you think about the factors listed, you will be able to buy the perfect RC helicopter present. This could be especially useful, with the holidays coming up, an RC helicopter could be the perfect present to give to your family member or friend.

If you follow this guide, you will be able to make sure that you do not get ripped off when you are buying an RC helicopter. These factors, when you consider them, can help you get an affordable best RC helicopter model 2017 that has just the right amount of features, and that is not too difficult to fly. So be sure to consider these factors carefully when you are choosing an RC helicopter, you do not want to buy the wrong one. Hopefully, this RC helicopter buying guide has helped you pick out the right kind of RC helicopter model!